About us

Natural twines and ropes

At Twines and Ropes, we specialise in natural products. The popularity of these twines and ropes is rapidly increasing, thanks to a growing focus on the ecological and sustainable aspects of everyday life.

At the same time, this presents challenges, as the quality of natural twines and ropes is less stable and more difficult to assess. More extensive sales experience and product knowledge are therefore required, all supported by QA procedures.

Twines and Ropes is a division of Corbeo NV, a renowned rope specialist, so we are able to benefit from our parent company's expertise and set it to work for others. Rope is a technical product, which requires specific knowledge. Natural rope is sourced worldwide, depending on the type. Moreover, we have our own production infrastructure for not only manufacturing but also conditioning and packaging rope. Our target groups are wholesalers and professional consumers wishing to outsource the international search for worldwide suppliers and purchasing of this technically highly specific product, and who value quality, reliability, flexibility and efficiency.