Manilla rope


Manilla twine is manufactured from fibres from the abaca plant. This twine has long been used in shipping. It is much valued as a natural twine, as it produces a lighter and stronger twine than the alternatives. Manilla rope is naturally oily, which prolongs its life and makes it a good choice for use in wet conditions. Manilla is a fire-retardant product.

Nowadays, manila is often used for the rigging of classic vessels. It is also often used as towing rope and decorative rope.


  • Qualities:
    • Grade 1: as little wood residue as possible – high-strength
    • Grade 2
  • 3 or 4 strands
  • Rope diameter between 4mm and 40mm


  • Stranded rope
  • Optional finishing with eye, dead eye or splice


  • Bobbins of 100m
  • Rolls of 100m (diameter from 20mm)
  • Rolls of 220m
  • Rolls of 500m (diameter up to 10mm)
  • Strands of 20m (diameter up to 12mm)
  • Alternative formats can be discussed


  • Rolls: in PP bag
  • Bobbins; in box or shrink film
  • Strands in shrink film or bag with header card
  • With label
  • Private label possible

Below nonrestrictive some references we can deliver

Ref N° Description Weight Length MBS Image