Many years of rope expertise

On the basis of your specific requirements, we can assume the burden of all or part of your product cycle.

We follow your product from the plantation to the goods received department of your warehouse. As Twines and Ropes, our aim is to provide added value based on many years of rope expertise, with the following mainstays:

Sourcing & purchasing

Our many contacts worldwide and directly at the source enable us to rapidly meet your needs. Based on your specifications, we find the right producer offering the best price-quality ratio.


In-house production means we can flexibly produce smaller batches and specific colours.

Conditioning & packaging

Format and packaging are carefully produced in accordance with your specifications and artwork. Depending on volumes and complexity, this may be sourced or carried out to our own department with fully automatic stranding robot and bobbining machines.


Our import experts have plenty of experience of international overseas import by both container and airfreight for urgent dispatches, taking into account the specific conditions needed for transporting the natural rope.

Quality control

The quality of natural rope can be highly variable. Our strict specifications and meticulous quality procedures guarantee you receive the right products without any surprises.

Social compliance

Natural rope often originates in developing countries such as Bangladesh and East Africa. We carry out our own inspection visits to ensure that all working condition regulations are being observed.

But there's more

Warehouse Management & JIT

As an optional service, we can take over your supply contracts and stock management. Based on framework agreements, we will make sure that sufficient stock is always available for you to comply with your supply obligations.

Financial risk

Importing often entails an exchange rate risk. Commodity prices can also fluctuate, even in the short term. We can help you hedge these risks as well as possible.

Technology & e-commerce

E-commerce requires detailed product information. We can compile and supply this for you, if required. We also deploy the latest technologies for both the entire order cycle and production itself.

Innovation & trend watching

We regularly initiate product innovations at the level of both twine and rope and packaging. We keep track of developments in the sector and can certainly assist you in innovating for your market.