Coir rope


Coir twine is made from coconut hairs. It comes mainly from India, where it is manufactured in a traditional manner. Coir twine is very light and floats. It has a limited breaking force.

Coir twine has its uses in the garden as a rough tutor for climbing plants, but it is also used in larger diameters as a decorative screen for gardens or as fenders for boats. As a 100% natural twine, it is biodegradable.


  • Qualities: A
  • Two strands
  • Coir twine with 3 or 4 wires is also possible.


  • Stranded rope


  • Strands of 15m or 20m
  • Many rolls of 50m
  • Rolls of between 200m and 500m
  • Spool with tube


  • Strand with banderol
  • Rolls: in PP bag

Below nonrestrictive some references we can deliver

Ref N° Description Weight Length MBS Image